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Abi – Co-Founder 

Abi – Co-Founder 

Abi is the technical muscle behind Vi – bringing over 12 years of personal training experience - in both large commercial gyms and private boutique studios - to the table. She has historically launched her own strength brand to market and is passionate about motivating her clients for gains – in whatever form they may come! 
A proud Northerner, Abi believes that everyone can benefit from strength training and is dedicated to show them exactly how. Here at Vi she handles workout programming strategy, trainer training and class consistency. Basically, the backbone of the results-driven ethos that drives Vi from the ground up. 
A stickler for technique who smiles at the world, Abi asks for it all in class. But gives it all back tenfold! 

Sam – Co-Founder 

Sam – Co-Founder 

Sam handles Vi's operational organisation and problem solving. With 20 years of experience running bars/restaurants and nightclubs, she's an excellent chatterer and even better coffee maker! Passionate about strength and fitness, Sam has been lifting for 15 years and advocates for all the many benefits she has experienced first hand – pre and postpartum among them. The first person you will meet at Vi – Sam will hold your hand through the sign-up process and is always available to help sort logistics. She LOVES coffee and will forever remember your order! 

Hannah - Trainer 

Hannah is a proud Kiwi with over 10 years of personal training experience in both large commercial gyms, private studios and coaching sports teams of varying types. 
She is passionate about helping people with their personal health and well-being journey and with the globally recognised International Olympic Committee (IOC) qualification in Sports Nutrition in addition to PT, is ideally placed to do just that. 
Caffeine sensitive - she drinks a decaf americano and is honing her barista skills as we speak.  

Kwame - Trainer 

Kwams comes to the table with over 20 years of training experience in private clubs, getting into the game from a background of competitive County Athletics. 
He is a level 5 sports remedial massage therapist and an avid steel band drummer. 
He is the MOST fun, with the best energy and will ensure you leave class with all the good feels ;-) 
Only one issue - the boy does NOT drink coffee. BOOOO. 

Christian - Trainer 

Chris grew up in Spain, but was lured to the UK by his love of playing Rugby (which he did to an exceptionally high standard!) 
He has the patience of a saint due to his background as a primary school teacher and had continued in this field, now specialising in youth strength and conditioning in schools. 
A Crossfit competition athlete - this man trains himself as hard as his clients, his passion for strength training evident immediately. 
Semi skimmed flat white with one sweetener. Macros darling. 

Charlotte - Trainer 

Char’s background is as glam as it can get: 
5 * Cruise ships? Check. 
Panto actress? Check. 
Dancer? Check. 
Aeriolist? Check. 
Model? Check. 
Yes - untill the weighty lure of Vi and Eton dragged her to dry land, she was to be found touring the seas to the delight of her legion of adoring fans… 
BUT! Always looking for ways to personally develop, she qualified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor in the dark COVID days, working across boutique studios teaching HITT, LISS, Strength & Conditioning, Barre + Tennis Technique as well as building a comprehensive list of PT clients. Pre & Post Natal qualifications + her Nutritional Certification have completed her fitness journey to date. 
Char is all about high energy positive motivation and demonstrable expertise. Always dancing - prepare for all the feel good factors when in her sessions, she’s got ALL the moves and is happy to share ALL the love.. 
Coffee? Oat flat white. Reassuringly predictable. 

Chelsea - Trainer 

Chelsea comes from the land down under, a born and bred Aussie with an accent and attitude to match… 
She moved here 7 years ago and now calls the UK home. And you know what, we are DELIGHTED to have our personal ray of Australian sunshine here at Vi ;-) 
Dedicated to pushing limits in the gym and passionate about helping clients build their confidence around strength training, she wants all whom she trains to feel their absolute best. 
Level 3 qualified with pre and post natal qualifications, she practises what she preaches and can often be found in a 6AM session (when room!) checking that she can take what she dishes out. 
Her mindset is all about balance, advocating for health and happiness all year round with consistency at the heart of her approach. 
Delighted with food, she can often be found with her hand in the “lolly” jar and is never far from a bowl of pasta. 
She drinks a flat white (natch – she’s Ozzy) and has LOVED her barista training to date. 
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