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Personal training is a fully coached experience. Our expert trainers will ensure you are performing the movements correctly and then recommend load/variations depending on YOU and YOUR body. We specialise in strength training at Vi, so our sessions are focused on this. 
Comfy clothes that you can move in and closed toe trainers. 
Strength training has numerous benefits for people of all ages and fitness backgrounds: 
Maintains muscle tone 
Increases strength 
Improves bone health 
Helps manage body fat 
Improves joint flexibility 
Toning comes from maintaining and building muscle – the main focus of strength training 
No! It takes a huge amount of effort and extremely heavy weights to even begin this process. Everyone builds muscle differently, but to achieve a “bulky” physique takes a specific training programme that we at Vi do not follow. 
Absolutely. We are brilliant for beginners. 
Absolutely. The setup of the studio and the inclusive nature of strength training means that beginners and experts can co-exist in the same sessions. We’ll vary the load from person to person, with the intensity of the workouts tailored to you. 
For the most part – yes. We can work around most injuries. Talk to us and we can advise on a case-on-case basis. 
Our sessions are 50 minutes long.  
We offer over 10 classes per day. Check out our live timetable to see options. 
All our classes are full body classes. 
No – but we have a spacious loo with a motivating slogan wall ;-) 
On street parking is right outside. The "big" Eton carparks are less than a 5 minute’s walk, towards the bridge. 
We supply water, but feel free to bring some from home. Ditto sweat towels (ours are quite small but readily available). Just turn up in comfortable clothing and trainers and make yourself at home! 
No – Vi is a class-based concept. All our sessions are fully coached. 
We do cardio finishers on a regular basis. But we specialise in strength training, 
Once you have signed up to a trial/membership, you can book classes from our live timetable/via our member’s app. 
We only offer group personal training. 
Our schedule comes out two weeks in advance. 
One hour prior to class. 
If you can’t make it, please cancel your class within our member’s area. We ask for 2 hours’ notice of cancellation where possible. 
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